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“The Assembly '' exists to see the Captial C church in Edmonton strengthened and Young Adults from across the greater Edmonton area become fully formed disciples of Jesus seeking to make him known in their city. 


  • We believe that the Church is stronger in its unity in diversity and that there are more things that bind us together and tear us apart. We believe that the Church is stronger in its diverse expressions and that no one tribe, denomination, or local expression is greater than another. 


  • We believe in the centrality of the gospel and that it is the highest calling on one's life to be formed and shaped into the likeness of Christ Jesus. 


  • We believe that all believers are welcome to participate in inter-church and inter-denominational gatherings like the Assembly, and should be committed to expressing their faith regularly in a local gathering of the Church. 


  • We believe in the historic and traditionally held core tenets of the Christian faith as laid out in the Apostles and Nicene Creeds. 

lead team.

Brendan Visser

Young Adults Pastor // Saints Church - Glastonbury


Aaron Johnston


Young Adults Pastor // North Pointe Community Church

Austin Norlin


Young Adults Pastor // Heartland Alliance Church

Tim Guenter


Young Adults Pastor // Beulah Alliance Church

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